We can revive your damaged inventory and keep it in service


Reduce your inventory loss and your landfill waste


We can save you 30% to 70% over replacing inventory

Nationwide Mat Repair
and Remanufacturing service

We can reduce your inventory replacement expenses. Keep your inventory fresh and increase its longevity by sending your damaged mats to us instead of throwing them in a landfill.

We are not a mat patching service. We repair and remanufacture your mats in the same manufacturing equipment that created them. Our process allows us to fix interior slits and tears, install new borders, re-size larger damaged or obsolete mat inventory and also repair rippled mats. We also can install new custom corner art or back labels and permanently install RFID devices on your older existing mats if desired. We are also the only mat repair service certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).

Why is this valuable to you? Our service will save you 30% to 70% over purchasing new replacement mats. This will lengthen the usable life of your mat inventory investment, increase your cash flow and ultimately increase your profit. Contact us today for more information.


Edge damage, tears, pile separation, and rippling does not mean that you need to buy replacement inventory.


Our Remanufacturing process is a permanent solution for rippled mats. All damaged borders are replaced.


Edge fraying is a very common type of damage that ruins the appearance of clean and functional mats.


Our service gives your inventory a second chance and saves you money.


Rippling and other types of damage are caused by many factors throughout the life of the mat.


Remanufacturing is the only permanent solution to make your mats lay flat and look new again.

Mat Resizing

We can resize your odd or obsolete inventory into standard trade sizes with our Remanufacturing process. Let us know if we can help before you throw it all away!


We resize larger mats with irreparable damage when possible. Salvaging a smaller trade size is always better than total loss.


Resizing allows you to reduce waste and repurpose odd sized products.

Expedited Graphic Mat Repair

Graphic mats are great candidates for Remanufacturing. We also offer an expedited service for Logo and Graphic mats at no additional cost. There is no minimum order size--send us a mat via courier and we will send it back within 24 hours. Contact us for more details!

24 Hours

Your logo mat will be repaired in 24 hours or less.

No Minimum

No minimum order volume required.

No Premium

Expedited service with no additional fees!

Remanufacturing brings a tired graphic mat back to life!

Other Products and Services


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Promotional Matting Blanks

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RFID Installation

Permanent RFID Retrofitting

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